Ariel Endean & Marcus Nicholls

Q1: First Superpower

  • Money Management within a business – Cashflow,
  • Cost of goods sold,
  • Expenses Fixed and Variable,
  • Projections

Q2: Second Superpower

  • Creativity.
  • Developing new product ideas.
  • Adapting existing products to leverage POD & UX.
  • Product Arbitrage.
  • Visualising what can be added to your existing product range to increase sales.

Q3: Third Superpower

  • Brand Development, Marketing & Customer Service
  • Developing your POD – USP
  • Understanding your Avatar – Who they are & how they think and feel
  • Brand Development – Business name/vibe/content/imagery/logos/marketing/listing – ANYTHING & EVERYTHING that represents your business
  • Knowing how to deliver outstanding customer service & UX (user experience). This makes or breaks a business.

Q4: What’s your location?


Q5: Looking to partner with…

Ideas, Capital, Execution Skills