Elizabeth Cascun

Q1: First Superpower

  • That I have very extensive contract negotiation skills.
  • These have been honed with a 25+ yr experience in the IT and Telco and Cyber security space.
  • These contracts have ranged from product, service delivery, Saas, and sales contracts.
  • I became recognised with these skills and have often been brought in to rescue contracts and bring them as close to a win win as possible.

Q2: Second Superpower

  • My second super power is that I am excellent at project managing a team and getting the most out of the individuals to make the project a success.
  • its always great to make a good sale but getting it to work is the next biggest task.
  • I have done this extensively for work and many charitable events. To the range of project has been significant.

Q3: Third Superpower

  • My third super power is that I have a green thumb in the garden.
  • Nothing dies and I can bring back most things.
  • This led me to working in a Plant Nursery for a while where I also learn all that I could about plants and their environment.
  • I therefore have a deep understanding of plants, gardens and what people want and need in their gardens.

Q4: What’s your location?


Q5: Looking to partner with…

Ideas, Execution Skills