Liz Horne

Q1: First Superpower

  • Helping small business drill down into the psychographics, demographics and geographics of their target market and then training them to talk the language of their target market in every piece of communication from listings, to packaging, to photos, to inserts, to social media posts and ads. Because although everyone buys a Mars Bar right? But in reality only 20% of a market most likely accounts for 80% of sales – so you need a rifle approach to marketing – not a shotgun approach or you’ll waste precious funds. I love brainstorming and helping small business with this concept.
  • I learned from the best starting back in the halcyon days of advertising – just like Mad Men in the 60’s but crazier – and yes I used to deal with people like Bond, Skase and Packer as my 2 colleagues and I grew a media buying consultancy from zero to $250M in a few years courtesy of the Qld Govt Master Media account! Sadly not MY $250m so here I am!
  • I won a scholarship and studied with Saatchis and McCanns in New York – super fun!
  • After 14 years and a burnout I managed the Qld office of Nielsen Media Research training the TV networks to use ratings data to develop TV programs and taught their sales team to sell their ad space based on the metrics so I have 11 years experience in audience data analysis too.

Q2: Second Superpower

  • I developed my own websites 15 years go and still have them operating today. One of my products is a TGA registered Class 1 medical device in the sleep maximisation field. I have a database of some 25,000 customers and a core loyal base of around 2,000. I am happy to chat about a joint promotion if you have a product that is complementary to that field. I have a Facebook following for that product of over 14,000 and am a bit of a lay expert in the field of sleep medicine and disorders.

Q3: Third Superpower

  • After tonnes of study in NLP and coaching with CoachU Australasia and many courses in time management, Tony Robbins courses, Focussed Intent and Myers Briggs over the years, I have a passion for coaching people, in particular ladies who have been out of the workforce for a while or people making a leap from a low commitment role to a role where they will be judged on performance. I used to manage a team of 50 staff and I love mindset coaching and learning the language of sales persuasion. This means if you’re a bit stuck and need to get your ducks in a row, infuse some self belief into your life or delve into your personality type I’d love to help! Family often aren’t a help in this situation – but we are kindred spirits in this community and I understand the mindset that is required. I have super high emotional intelligence and am extremely empathetic which makes me an awesome impartial listener with great questioning skills. I am here to nut things through if you need it and your family can’t help. I love psychology but I have learned from life, not years of formal study.

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Q5: Looking to partner with…

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