[S1] Set-Up - Campfire Library


25 March 2020


18 February 2020

Ben Haig works us through the importance and ease of creating procedures for your Amazon business

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27 November 2019

Danielle Bratek, Intellectual Property Attorney based in Miami, Florida talks us through the basics of Trademarks and Patents. Her easy to understand explanations of these complicated yet important concepts will enable you to build a solid IP foundation for your business.

23 October 2019

Veteran Reliable student and stay at home Dad, Mike shares his layback attitude to selling on Amazon. Mike explains that despite not doing any of the “normal” entrepreneurial daily practices he has still been able to build a string profitable Amazon business.

18 September 2019

Rick Cowley’s tips for connecting with your inner self and life purpose including practical processes and practices to set you on the right path today!

14 August 2019

Florian takes us through a live example of how to discover the expected CPC for your PPC keywords before your product goes live. A great practical tool to help you accurately establish your selling costs before you go live.

5 June 2019

Co-hosted by Graeme we cover “setup” with lots of information on brand names, Amazon Brand Registry, trademarks and structuring.

1 May 2019 – Co-Host Cris Edwards

[S2] Product Sourcing - Campfire Library


1 April 2020


26 February 2020

Sally shares her experience of product selection, differentiation and sourcing from China. And a few tips on Social Media thrown in.

22 January 2020

Emma Hilditch talks us through how she and Mark Crandon have been building their brand from the ground up.

4 December 2019

What I learnt from my six day, four city, nine manufacturer sourcing trip to China. This powerful expose from successful Amazon seller Annika Jepson details what it takes to get the most out of a China sourcing trip.

30 October 2019

Thinking of expanding outside of Amazon? Bec Onley shares her experience and thoughts on building a Shopify store and the importance of building your brand with a connected product range.

25 September 2019

Sourcing and Importing guru Amanda Clarkson talks about the importance of a professional attitude to choosing a Manufacturer.

21 August 2019

Cris Edwards shares tips on finding skilled designers online and how to use stock images to create cost efficient product listings.

17 July 2019

A concise, informative and practical explanation of how to approach the differentiation of products bound for Amazon. Annika explains the various types of differentiation paths and the effectiveness that each provide.


12 June 2019

A useful and varied discussion on “sourcing” this week as Wayne and Florian answer questions on sourcing agents, exclusivity agreements, and a multitude of other interesting sourcing related topics.

8 May 2019

[S3] Shipping - Campfire Library


8 April 2020


4 March 2020

Mark discusses various shipping models, the cost and benefits and the things to watch out for.

29 January 2020

After a quick guest appearance from branding expert David Ansett, Graeme Clement shares his incredible knowledge on the importance of the technical aspects of keywords & ppc and some rumored changes for 2020.

2 October 2019

Mark Crandon co-hosts the campfire and “opens the hood” to look inside his actual Amazon business and walks us step by step through creating an LTL shipping plan. See a real Seller Central account in operation and hear how a veteran Reliable student manages his shipping plans.

28 August 2019

Quadruple Rhino Andrew Coates gives us the lowdown on shipping his small, light and highly profitable items to Amazon.

24 July 2019

Sebastiano from Amazing Logistics sifts through the complicated world of labeling and shipping to Amazon FBA. He discusses the benefits of using a 3PL service and some helpful tips on booking shipments with Amazon.

19 June 2019

Florian and Wayne riff through a series of interesting questions from the group on “shipping” including stock levels, shipping marks, tariffs and 3PL processes

15 May 2019 – Co-Host Graeme


13 March 2019

[S4] Selling - Campfire Library


15 April 2020 -Co-Hosts – Nicholas Steiner, Brendan Geyer & Jamie Lane


5 February 2020

Wayne, Graeme, Cris, Florian and Annika discuss ideas to ensure you have an optimised listing.

11 March 2020

Professional designer and Platinum Support Team superstar Cris Edwards shares her experience on creating engaging & profitable listings on a shoestring budget. A “must view” for those wanting easy, cost effective, practical ideas to massively enhance their listing and sales conversions.

13 November 2019

Wayne and Angela share the floor with 30 of their “closest friends.

4 September 2019

Greg Reynolds from ZonSupport explains the importance of having a great product insert and offering value to your customer. He shares his insight into the mind of the US consumer and how best to approach your customer service and review generation strategy.

9 October 2019

How to get the best out of your listing through regular listing checks and optimization. Jon shows us the exact process he goes through on a monthly basis to check and optimise his own listings using the Zonguru suite of tools.

31 July 2019

Graeme walks us through the basics of broad match, phrase match and exact match campaigns and provides us some insight into setting up and managing simple PPC processes.

23 May 2019 – Co-Host Florian

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