38. How to Know If Tesla or Any Stock is Cheap or Overpriced

Video Transcription Adam Hudson: (00:01)Good morning, everybody. WhatsApp. Welcome to Calpol coaching on this lovely Monday morning. I hope this message. Well guys, sorry, I’ve been a little bit spotty, uh, over the last a week or two with, uh, getting on here and talking to you guys. Um, I apologize for that. It’s been […]

37. Basic Renovations on One of My Properties

Video Transcription Adam Hudson: (00:01)What’s up guys, Adam here. I hope you are enjoying your weekend. Uh, I thought I’d show you, ah, because I’m always talking about finding properties that you can add value to. So this is a property that we own, and I just wanted to show you practically what we’re doing […]

36. Doing Due Diligence on Empty Buildings

Video Transcription Adam Hudson: (00:00)Good afternoon, everybody. What’s up. What’s up hope that you are doing well out there. Welcome to carpool coaching on this beautiful Friday afternoon. At least it’s beautiful here on the gold coast. It’s just stunning outside. I hope this message finds you well, wherever you are in the world. And […]

35. Understanding What Commercial Properties Are Actually Worth

Video Transcription Adam Hudson: (00:00)Good morning, everybody. What’s going on. Welcome to carpool coaching on this fine morning. Hope it finds you well this morning I’ve got something cool coming up. I’m actually going to answer a couple of questions that came in from one of you guys overnight, uh, through my Instagram messages, as […]

34. How to Know If You Should Buy a Vacant Commercial Property

Video Transcription Adam Hudson: (00:00)Good morning, everybody. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome to carpool coaching on this fine Tuesday morning, how y’all doing. Hope you’re doing good out there this morning. I want to answer a question that, uh, one of our followers here on use by it has been persistently following me up on, so I […]

33. Commercial Property That Banks Don’t Want to Lend On – Revealed

Video Transcription Adam Hudson: (00:01)Good morning guys. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. Happy Saturday. Hope this message finds you. Well, I’m an outside office today. Painting insides are just sitting out. Uh, there’s work out here now. Just want to give you a quick little update on a deal that I looked at this week with one […]

30. The Subtleties of Commercial Property – Very Important

Video Transcription Adam Hudson: (00:00)Good morning. Good morning, everybody Adam here and welcome to another edition of carpool coaching. So it’s Friday morning and, uh, it looks like we’re in for a rainy weekend here on the gold coast on, in the back office of my hand today. And, um, I thought I would, uh, […]