Webinar 2 – Sourcing Influencers For Free And The Power Of Google Analytics

Video Transcription Haley Hughes: (00:11)Hi guys. Welcome. Welcome to our second webinar as part of Shopify school. It’s so good to see you all here tonight. I had so much incredible feedback from everybody, uh, with our first webinars. So I’m hoping to bring just as much value if not, even more in tonight’s webinar. […]

Webinar 1 – The Holy Trinity of Success

Video Transcription Haley Hughes: (01:47)Hey guys, welcome to our very first webinar as part of Shopify school. I’m so excited to see you all here. Uh, I’ve been really looking forward to doing tonight. I have so many valuable insights and lessons that I really want to share with you all. Um, but typically deep […]

4. Editing Listings

Video Transcription Haley Hughes: (00:08)When did you add this one final lesson to this particular component that we’re going through? And even though we’ve covered a lot to do with drop a fight already, and I’m not affiliated with Shopify in any shape or form either. Just so you know, guys, I just think it’s […]

3. Using AliExpress

Video Transcription Haley Hughes: (00:07)Now one thing that I really do love about drop a five is it gives you so many different options of places where you can go and find or source the best products for your store. So you may have heard of alley express before, which is definitely a really popular […]

2. Install Dropified and the Chrome Extension

Video Transcription Haley Hughes: (00:07)Okay, guys, I’m really excited to share this next step with you as part of this lesson. And it’s all about how to install, drop a five and start getting your store filled with hundreds of products within a couple of clicks. And I know it seems too good to be […]

1. What Is Dropshipping?

Video Transcription Haley Hughes: (00:07)Hey guys, I’m so excited to be sharing this particular lesson with you for a few reasons. Now, at this point of the course, you’ve put in so much time and effort already. You’ve gotten your store looking great, so people can go there. Now you’ve got your theme installed. Your […]