Call #4 – Ask Adam Anything

Video Transcription Adam Hudson: (00:26) Good morning, everybody. How are yíall doing? Can you get a thumbs up? Can you hear me? All right, guys. Nice to see you all. Oh, look at all these fine faces, Tushar. Whatís going on? Weíre rocking, thatís a solid mo my friend respect. Good morning, Robert. How you […]

Call #1 – How to know if your software idea is good

Video Transcription Adam Hudson: (00:25) Good morning, everybody. How yíall doing this, give us a wave, if you can see us there, all right, I think, uh, I think this is set to mute to start with, but let me just, uh, check. We can hear you alright. You can hear, perfect. Hey Adam, hey, […]

How And Where To Get The Money For Software

Video Transcription Adam Hudson: (00:09) All right, guys, welcome to the lesson on money. Now, as I said, in the previous video, this is one of the biggest areas of stumbling that people fall into, not just in the software business, but in all businesses. So what Iím going to do is teach you the […]

Examples of Organizers

Video Transcription Adam Hudson: (00:10) Right. The third type of software and the last one that we’re going to introduce you to are organizers and automators right. So the way organizers and automators make money is they collect data and they organize and automate things one or the other, or both. Sometimes they just automate. […]

Examples of Disruptors

Video Transcription Adam Hudson: (00:10) Alright, so itís time now to look at the second type of, uh, software or app that weíre going to be talking about, and that is disruptors. So weíve looked at brokers. Now weíre going to look at disruptors. So disruptors do three things. They identify inefficiencies in a marketplace […]