Examples of Brokers

Video Transcription Adam Hudson: (00:10) Alright. So as I said, guys, there are three primary types of software we’re going to focus on. The first one is broker, the second one is disruptor and the third one is organized automator. And as I say, there are others like social media, et cetera, but we’re gonna […]


Video Transcription Adam Hudson: (00:10) In this video, I’m going to introduce you to the three types of software that we’re primarily going to focus on in this program. Now there are other types of software that you can build, but these are the three that I think you have the most chance of success […]

Idea, Capital, Execution

Video Transcription Adam Hudson: (00:10) Welcome back. We are almost through the theory part and as we get towards the end here, I want to remind you of one of my most known teaching principles, and that is this sort of intersection of three important elements that are required to build any business, and those […]

Podcasts To Listen To

Video Transcription Adam Hudson: (00:10) Alright everyone, we are about to set sail on this journey. This is the last theory video, and it’s very, very short, and it’s about my favourite thing of all, which is ongoing education. If you want to get serious about being a software entrepreneur, you need to upskill and […]

What Is An API?

Video Transcription Adam Hudson: (00:09) Welcome back Adam Hudson: (00:10) In this video, we’re going to talk about API’s. Now, what is an API? It stands for application programming interface, right? Sounds like a big mouthful. So I’m going to tell you what that is in plain English. It basically is the key to you […]

Primary Vendors And Secondary Vendors

Video Transcription Adam Hudson: (00:10) Welcome back in this lesson, I’m going to teach you about primary and secondary software vendors. So what does this mean? Well, you are probably going to be developing a secondary type of software, not a primary. Now that’s not always the case, but you might, especially after you see […]

Product Market Fit

Video Transcription Adam Hudson: (00:10) Welcome to this video on product market fit. So guys here’s the deal. No matter whether you’re going to be a broker, a disruptor or an automator organizer, you are going to have to solve a problem. That is what we as entrepreneurs do. If you think of the man, […]

Key Terms: MRR, ARR, Exit Multiple, Churn

Video Transcription Adam Hudson: (00:10) Alright in this video, I want to teach you four very important acronyms that you need to know. If you want to be a software expert that you’re going to hear throughout the rest of this program. The first one is M R R. So MRR stands for monthly recurring […]

What Is SAAS?

Video Transcription Adam Hudson: (00:09) Hi everyone and welcome to Software School. I am incredibly excited to be sitting here because this is the second course that I’ve done under the Reliable Education banner. That’s in a completely brand new field, but a field that’s not new to me. As you guys know, I’ve been […]